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How Do I Grow My Business With Less Stress?

Your business can grow when you take advantage of hybrid local and cloud IT services. Sounds hard doesn't it? So how do you do that? Simple. Use our one fixed fee, per user, per month managed IT service and we look after all the hard tech stuff and make it simple, smarter and faster for you to grow your business with less stress. Or to make it easier to understand, check this out...

​​​​one fixed fee

Per person

per month

I Need Someone to Look After This Stuff


To grow, you need fast, reliable, secure, managed internet connectivity that protects you and your colleagues and employees from the bad bits of the internet. Yeah, we do that.


Building stronger customer relationships by connecting with them on the phone and by video enables business growth.  We look after all that for you too so you can focus on the important stuff.


Growing your business by responding to customer needs from wherever you and your staff may be, is vital. Microsoft 365 is a great cloud platform for that. Making it all work seamlessly for everyone is what we do.

cloud Managed

Managing all the complex network and server stuff, at your place and in the cloud is hard. Making sure that your business can scale and grow and is resilient and secure used to be stressful; not when we look after it.

I Also Need These Things

We've been doing this for more than 25 years, so we've learned a thing or two. You get instant access to that expertise in IT services and support to make good decisions that promote your business growth.

Security is not a thing you buy, it's a process of educating employees to change behaviour as well as providing security across all your devices and locations. We bring this to your business too.

Technology only exists to further your business growth. IT companies often forget that. We don't. Our dedication is to helping you grow your business through simple, safer and smarter IT.

Working across businesses means we have to stay on our toes with upcoming technologies and always look to see how they can be best used in NZ. You get access to this knowledge for your strategy planning as well.

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